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Online Bargain Courses are provided electronically. There is no waiting for your course material to arrive. There are no shipping costs. There are no customs and excise delays. Your course material arrives online and is ready for your immediate use. These courses are accredited and provided by the College of Management Science London WC1N  3XX . On graduation your award documents will be posted or airmailed to you. We can also send pdf files to you so that your qualifications arrive instantly. In addition to a diploma or certificate of advanced studies, the college supplies an itemized course transcript rehearsing your academic achievements.

Thank you for visiting the electronic distance learning course website of the College of Management Science.

Bargain Online courses for distance learning at affordable course fees. Most of these courses are the same quality as the College’s full courses but start at only £75 per course. This is possible because they are both supplied and conducted electronically.

You can enrol to expand your knowledge or to improve your c.v. or achieve both of those aims. The college will do its best to help you.

In addition to the course material which is sent to you online, you will have access to full help, support and advice 24/7 via email. When you send in a completed paper it will usually be marked and returned to you with any observations we feel might be helpful within 24 hours or so.


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The Stratagem Philosophical Society

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